To some, 500 isn't a lot. But to me, someone who never thought he would get 5 followers let alone 500, this is a world’s amount.
     For those that don’t know, I started off on Mixer mainly as a viewer and moderator but gradually started to stream. This is the place where I would meet so many people that influenced me to stream more. Without Mixer, I would not be here and without those I met on Mixer, I would not be here. So for that, the people who allowed a weird, often annoying, shy-at-times but loud-mouthed, weird accent eastern Canadian into their groups, I thank you. The name may have been around for many years, but you guys created SychoSide. You played games with me, joked with me and came along on the ride to Twitch where in just two weeks, you helped this low self-esteem man reach affiliate - something I never even could have imagined that was possible.
Getting to 500 took me a lot longer than it would a lot of others as I have stopped so many times, and have put the quality and focus of some other streamers a head of mine - something I wanted to do as I see potential in a lot of people. I want people to succeed.
For the people who I met and kept a friendship with from Mixer and still to this day on Twitch, I thank you all.
OldManSim. You have to be first. I can't think of anyone else who can be. It's been almost an entire 3 years since we've known each other from Mixer. It wasn't until the move to Twitch when we became closer and you told me your opinions and gave more advice than I knew what to do with. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't learned something from you or grew because of you. At this point, you're like a brother and I wouldn't change that for anything. 
KittyxKilljoyx. Someone who never gave me bullshit and always told me how it is and who has taken me off a ledge so many times I've lost count. The banter and dirty jokes during our old Halo games, the advice you give me and how quick you accepted me into your community is more than I could ever expect. You were there at 100 followers and you are here at 500 and I hope you're around for 1k. As I've said before, without some people, there'd be no SychoSide - Kitty Killjoy is one of those people.
Although she isn't around as often, I have to thank NaughtyDollface. She was the first streamer I became a fulltime community member of, became a mod, a good friend. The move to Twitch felt so smooth cause of her and even though she has a really busy personal life, she still shows her support. Doll, you were my first real friend I feel in the streamer world and you were the one who gifted me my first capture card taking me on my first step away from the ever evolving and always spectacular Lightstream.
My brothers, King Kirbles and Spazvicious. Yeah, you'd think I'd put them first, huh? They are always around, my bloodline, Kirbles being my main co-gamer while Spazvicious being my head moderator, the keeper of the Sanitarium as it would be. You've been there since day one and that's not something I ever expected.
itsqueenbee_. In such a short time, we've come pretty close friends. It's been less than a year but I feel like you been here since the start. When I have felt down on myself you were one of them to tell me to keep my chin high and I know you mean every word you ever said.  At this point, I consider you one of my most close friends and I am glad to have met you and all the wonderful people that I have met through your community. Never stop Queen.
DeaditeSins. The shortest timeframe of any streamer I've met and become friends with as quick. You are always down to game and always give me a laugh. Regardless of the joke, you already have a punchline. And your love for professional wrestling tops no-one I have ever seen. If hype had a human form, it's name would be DeaditeSins.
I notice the big things and the little things and all of these are my driving force. I see the likes and retweets on Twitter, my streamer friends following each other on Twitter and Twitch, who may not have even had any communications with each other, shows that I made an impact on you guys as well, even in a tiny way and that's more than I could ever ask for.
I can not end this without mentioning some real badasses who have always been around, showing support and being there as often as they can. dippinx3, LovelyMirii, ObsidiousBlade and the one and only SadisticPenguin. I could write an entire novel about Penguin and how awesome of a dude he is.
There isn't enough words in this world that can explain how much of an impact all of you have made on me. 

This list could go on forever and no one is any less than others. If you followed, if you subscribed, if you just came in for a moment and checked the stream out, whether you stayed or left - thank you.
Thank you for 500, and thank you for keeping the future of SychoSide strong.
You Are All Sanitarium Approved.
Shawn, better known as SychoSide.
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