This is a list of all the commands in SychoSide’s (SychoSyde) Twitch channel and a brief description on what they do. Mods and the streamer are able to use these commands, regardless of their user settings.
Commands may be added or removed at any time. If so, this list will be updated.  When it comes to using the @, it's not needed but using it will highlight the message for the target user.

User Commands:
All user can use these commands. Some may have a cooldown.
!commands – Posts a link to this page.
!followage – Shows the user’s follow age.
!game – Shows the currently selected game and a listing on the Microsoft store in chat.
!steamgame – Shows the currently selected game and a listing on the Steam store in chat.
!age – Shows SychoSide’s streamer age.
!subage – Shows how long the user has been subscribed to the channel, if they are.
!title – Puts the title of the stream in the chat.
!uptime – How long the stream has been live.
!date – SychoSurgeon tells you the date and time where Sycho lives.
!lurk – User goes into lurk mode.
!lurk off – User returns from lurking.
!plurk – User enters plurk mode (Playing games and lurking at the same time.)
!plurk off – User returns from plurking.
!time – Shows the amount of time the user has been watching the streams. Additonally, you can target a user to get their total time (eg. !time / !time @SychoSurgeon)
!followage – Shows how long a user has been following the channel.
!specs - Shows the specifications of SychoSide's  gaming PC.
!sloots - A link to SychoSide's Streamloots.
!clip – A clip will be created  and posted in chat.

Fun Commands:
All user can use these commands. Some may have a cooldown.

!fact - The bot tells you a random fact about SychoSide known as a "SychoFact"
!fact # - Choose to see a specific fact. The bot will tell you if a fact does not exist. (eg. !fact 10  will show the 10th fact)
!86 - Bot states that an emery was 86'd (killed).
!dadjoke – The bot will tell the chat a random dad joke!
!sic – A reference to what dippinx3 said in a Discord channel
!fisted - The bot yells "GET FISTED" in chat. Mainly used for punching in Halo Infinite.
!slap - Target a user to attempt to slap them in the face. Gives various results. No target will slap yourself!
!kick - Target a user to attempt to kick them. Several responses. No target will kick yourself!
!hug - Target a user to hug them... but with a catch!
!escape - What percentage of chance do you have of escaping the Sanitarium?
!8ball - Ask the magic 8 Ball a question!!hug - Target a user to hug them... but with a catch!
!sychoslots - Gamble your SychoPoints in a game of slots!
!duel - Have a duel against another viewer for their points!
!sychobomb - Toss the bomb to another viewer before it explodes in your hands!
!hangman - Play a game of Hangman!
!steal - Try and steal points from another user!
!lockbox - Try and guess the combination for the lockbox to get its loot!
!scramble - A game of word scramble! Rearrange the letters to figure out the word!

Social Commands:
All user can use these commands.
!activision – Displays SychoSide’s Activision username and ID.
!battlenet – Shows SychoSide’s BattleNet name and ID.
!discord – Gives a link to the SychoSide Sanitarium discord.
!tip – Shows a link to one of the donation pages (StreamElements)
!fb – Link to SychoSide’s Facebook page.
!gt – Displays SychoSide’s Xbox gamertag.
!humble – SychoSide’s Humble Bundle partner link.
!ig – A link to SychoSide’s Instagram

!linktree – A link to SychoSide’s Linktree where all his socials are in one place.
!merch – A link to SychoSide’s merchandise page

!psn – Displays SychoSide’s PlayStation Network name.
!steam – SychoSide’s Steam friend code.
!twitter – SychoSide’s Twitter.
!tiktok – SychoSide’s TikTok.
!yt – A link to SychoSide’s YouTube channel.
Subs Only Commands:
Only subscribed users can use these commands.
!potato – Did you know chicks love potatoes?
!voices – Do you hear voices?
!laugh – An evil laugh.
!demon – A soundbite of KittyxKilljoyx saying "Fuck off, demon".
!sycho – The SychoSide stream voice intro.
!madness – The madness never stops.
!yep - YEP!
Mods Only:
!plunder – Sanitarium voiceover yells “Plunder”
!win – Sanitarium voiceover yells “That’s a win!” Bot also says it in chat.
!end – End stream text from bot shows up. (Use when stream ends)
!fc – SychoSide’s follower account in text “SychoSide has [AMOUNT] followers.”
!subs – Shows subscriber count “SychoSide has [AMOUNT] subscribers.” (Please don’t run unless specifically asked.)
!timer [TIME IN MINS OR SECS] – Runs a timer on screen for timed based events (eg. !timer 2m runs a 2 minute timer)
!countdown [TIME IN M OR S] – Runs a countdown on screen for time based events (eg. !countdown 2m runs a timer starting at 2 mins counting down to 0)
!cancel – Stops the currently running timer/countdown.
!so [USERNAME] – Shoutout a user currently in chat. (eg. !so @SychoSurgeon)
!gn – Starts a random number game for possible giveaways, for fun, etc. (Between 1 and 20)
!an – The bot chooses a number at random from 1 to 20.
!loots – A link to a free Streamloots code. 
!tweet – Puts a link to SychoSide’s most recent tweet in the chat.
!brb – The bot puts a message in the chat stating SychoSide has stepped out but will be back soon.
!back – The bot puts a message in chat that SychoSide has returned.
!steaktacular - The Halo Infinite announcer  can be heard on stream while the bot places the text in chat.
!hello - The bot will say hello to whichever platform's chat it was triggered in.

Quick ShoutOut:
!kirbles – KingKirbles custom shoutout
!spaz – Spazvicious custom shoutout
!blade - ObsidousBlade custom shoutout
!oni – OniBelle custom shoutout
!ill - Illusorystream custom shoutout
!bee – BeeWiitchedd
 custom shoutout
!kitty - KittyxKilljoyx custom shoutout
!sim - OldManSim custom shoutout
Advanced Mod Commands:
!addcommand <COMMAND TRIGGER, NO !> <COOLDOWN> <FULL COMMAND MESSAGE TEXT> - Creates a new command. Example: !addcommand okay 0 That’s okay! – would be !okay with the bot saying That’s okay!
!disablecommand <COMMAND NAME> - Disables a currently active command. (Eg. !disablecommand so – would disable the !so command)
!setgame <GAME TITLE> - updates the current game (eg. !setgame Red Dead Redemption 2)
!settitle <TITLE> - Changes the title of the stream.

For in-chat /commands for mods and users, please check out Twitch's help article located here: Twitch Chat Commands
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