On September 10th, 2022, I did my 500 Twitch Followers Celebration subathon. There is no way I can fit what I need to say in a tweet so the only thing I thought of doing was another tank you on my website. Each person and event needs it's own paragraph and each person needs to know how much they mean to me.
     To say the Subathon was a success would be an understatement. It was the best stream of career but not for the monetary aspect but for the kindness and support that the people in my community show me. I've always felt low of myself, not thinking people like me but this stream showed me how wrong I am and how I need to change my mindset. I have the greatest community on Twitch. My community are people I have grown not only as fans but as friends. People who'd I give the world to if I could. 
You sometimes meet people who you'd never imagine would have such a positive impact on your life but when they do, they become part of the backbone that keeps you going.
To start this off I have to thank someone who went above and beyond what I was expecting or hoping for and that is itsqueenbee_. A day or two before I started, I asked her if she could pop in as her just showing up would have meant the world to me. She said of course she'd hop in even though she couldn't contribute, and I of course said that was fine as her just stopping in would mean the world to me. On the day of the subathon, I messaged her about an hour before my stream start time, showing her a picture of some of the items for the stream. She replied with "waiting in your chat lol" I told her I wasn't live for another hour. She still waited. She was the only one there, by herself waiting for a while.
After I started, she would later stream which she told me she only did so she could raid me and add time to my stream. That is awesome. On top of that, she would, while streaming herself, keep my stream's audio playing in her ear and would be checking in on it, chatting and being part of the biggest moments - all while streaming. She even put on her Be Right Back scene for a long time just to focus on those aspects of my stream, sacrificing her own to support mine. But not only did she do that just to raid me, she also renewed her sub adding another 20 minutes. She said she couldn't contribute but she could, and I think she knew this from day one. :)
She stayed in chat a while, chatting and when she did go to bed, she kept my stream on all night. When she woke up, she said good morning and asked how I was doing. This means everything to me.
During my last hour after I accomplished something I wanted to accomplish, I messaged her saying I have no idea what to do for the final hour. She invited me to her game. Me, deadass tired, can barely play any game at that point, let alone Fortnite - she still invited me, knowing damn well I'd be terrible but she didn't care. All she cared was for me finishing my stream and playing a game with me, regardless of how terrible I was. She was there the ENTIRE stream. All 18 amazing hours. She was in my stream before I was, and stayed there until the end. And this was after all I asked was if she could make it for a short time.
Thank you for being there, going above and beyond showing me how much you do care about and appreciate me as a streamer and more importantly, as a friend. I seen your reactions in your stream while watching mine, I seen the smiles, I seen how happy you were for me. I can never thank you more than enough. I don't have enough words in the world to thank you. I always doubt myself as to whether people actually like me or not, something I know I shouldn't do but when it comes to you, I have no doubt in the world that you like me as a streamer and as an actual friend and I never will doubt that. I am happy to have met you and glad that I can call you one of my best friends in the streaming world. Sorry for making an entire chapter of this novel about you, but doing what you did was more than I'd ever expect anyone but you did it. Not cause you felt you had to, but because you wanted to. Thank you for your loyalty. Forever friends?
Many times those around you are often your driving force in life. They will always have your back, even at the times they can't always be seen.
OldManSim and KittyxKilljoyx  are two of the coolest human beings one can ever meet let alone become friends with. I'm not going to lie, I 100% expected the double-raid that they dropped on me, that's how much I know these two wonderful humans care about other streamers and their friends. The best part was that after months, I finally got to game with them again and that made my year. I miss playing with them and I know it will happen more often soon. The amount of love and support they showed while there was more than any one could ever ask for and I know these two will always have my back and look out for me. Kitty always kept the hype going in my chat when she could, welcomed any new followers and shouted out some pretty cool people when I was not able to and clipped probably one of the grossest moments of my life - and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Both Kitty and Sim remained there as they always do and would pop back in to check up on me. Kitty, as did Queen, said good morning to me and I know she knew how deadass tired I was but she had the faith in me to keep going and that is why this woman has one of the most kind-hearted souls on this entire planet. Her and Sim's friendship goes hand in hand when it comes to others. If Kitty has your back, so does Sim and vice versa. There is one thing I know about these two and it's that they know who the real people are and they saw that in me. I've considered Sim a friend since Mixer and a close friend since Twitch. Kitty, whom I've now known for 2 years has always shown respect, love, kindness and most of all - faith in everyone she has come in contact with. Kitty and Sim, you two as I said before are what keeps me going and without any of you, I can honestly say I would never have met any other person I have come across since on Twitch. Thank you for your continued support and friendship. I can never repay you for the amount you have done for me - and I know you'd never expect or even ask me to and that show a true picture of the amazing human beings you guys are.
Ch4ppy, or as you are also know as, GimmieHatchHoe, someone who has been a big part of Kitty's community and whom we chatted in passing. Chappy started early in my stream and also was one the one's there practically the entire time. Should I also call him the Anonymous Cheerer? The amount of love and support he has shown during this night was remarkable and basically got the timer above its initial start time. Even though he couldn't play Halo, he was in the game chat with myself, Sim and Kitty. Hoe, dude, I thank you for your support and I want to play some games with you. You name something, we can play it. Thank you for everything, you are an absolute legend.
Sometimes, you leave a bigger impact on other people's lives that you are not aware of until the times they show it to you.
I'm not going to lie - one of the biggest surprises of the night was dylan2thic. Some may know but I met this gentle hearted man through Queen and I could not help but to want to be friends with this guy. But he is one of the newer friendships and when he popped in and dropped gifted sub bombs, and helped me get to, and complete a fuckin' LEVEL 5 HYPE TRAIN, I was in total shock and was part of the reason I took a way too big of a shot of hot sauce and felt like I was going to die. The man kept the chat going and told me how much he appreciates me and that honestly means the world to me. Dylan, you are a kind hearted man, and regardless of how you may think of yourself are a great streamer and I want the best for you and that will happen. Hey, maybe we can duet Summer Nights and make an epic viral video? Haha. Keep being you and don't ever change for anyone.
And with that, we have ciarasweetheart. Like Dylan, you are also another newer friend, hell maybe even only a week or two but you showed up and you hung out for a long time and showed support in so many ways. You also checked in on me, kept chatting with me when you could obviously tell I was tired and that means a lot. I don't know a lot about you, but what I do know is that like the names above, you have a kind soul. You just met me and you showed up. You didn't have to, but you wanted to. I don't know what it is about me that deserves the support and love you showed me, but I appreciate it more than you know and I can never thank you enough. Essentially because of Queen, you got roped into the Sanitarium - the place where only the craziest but best motherfuckers go.
Your biggest supporters can often be people you just met who see something in you that you haven't yet seen in yourself.
 This man has been around to every one of my streams since we met not that long ago and has been a massive supporter to all my friends. If I recommend a streamer, not only does he check that streamer out, he will make sure they feel they are great creators and that is awesome. xxKill_Kingxx always interacts, uses channel redemptions and tries to keep the chat hyped. He was there as much as he could which is insane because he lives in Australia with a pretty big difference in time zones. The overwhelming support he has shown to me and my friends is beyond anything I'd ever expect and I am thankful for that every single day.
Kill King, I am glad you have become apart of this whacky community I call the Sanitarium and could not ask anything more. We will be gaming soon together and with that, the fun, hilarious collaborations will follow.
Support comes in many forms. It's not how the support is shown, it's that it's shown at all.
There is no way I can do thank you notes without including the wonderful MiranduhPlzFor several months this wonderful human has been a big supporter of mine and an even better friend. While on vacation, she still managed to stop in and cheer me on and show support as much as she could. There is so many things I could say about Miranada but anyone who knows her already know the words that could be said. Regardless of the time of night or day, she still somehow sneaks into my stream. She was a temporary mod just in case something happened and she was there and that means a lot to me, that she knows I trust her with that power and that she trusts me to let her do that even if she couldn't be around often. She was also one of the people who came back later into the stream to check on me and that says a lot about the character of a person and the kindness of their soul.
Miranda, thank you for everything you do. Not just in this stream, but for the entire community, your friends and their friends.

They all can't be there when they want to be but when they can, they make sure you know you matter to them.
There are so many people who made it, even when they had little time to do so and that support means the world to me.  DeaditeSinsthank you for stopping in before and after you had gone to bed. It means a lot knowingyou had my back even if you are super busy or tired and I really appreciate you forwarding a gifted subscription. We haven't gamed in a while but I hope that changes soon my friend.  Another one I need to thank is ParanormalCow whom I met just a day or two before the subathon but still showed up and hung out in chat for quite a while. I like your style and I am hoping we can game together really soon. Thank you.
Thank you all who have been with me since the beginning and the ones who are newer to my content. Each and everyone I mentioned in this note has made an impact on me and everyone who has ever followed, watched, raided, chatted, lurked - I thank you all. Here's to another day forward and three steps ahead of the next one.

Shawn, better known as SychoSide.​​​​​​​

This night was insane! Stream timer started at 3hrs but because of so many awesome people, I ended at 18 hours! I also hit all but 2 of my sub goals which is pure insanity!

When my chat did the IT'S CORN song in chat after I redeemed the channel point redemption in itsqueenbee_'s stream.

My co-worker, who drove me home after work just an hour earlier stopped in to support me. It was awesome! She did want me to eat one of those nasty Bean Boozled beans!

Although I seen it coming, this double-raid from my friends KittyxKilljoyx and OldManSim was the start of an insane 20 minutes that soon followed.

Was this the first ever chat interaction from Kitty and Queen? First time in my chat? That's awesome!

My friends wanting to see me go through such torture. Of course.

I have no words for this. Seeing this leave me at a loss for words and that's a good thing.

This moment, I love it. She streamed only so she could raid me. That means so much to me.

Possibly my biggest raid yet! my1967impala, I'm so sorry my reaction wasn't the greatest, I was so tired!

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